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Supervised Diving & Autonomous Diving

in Hyères

Explore the seabed with your bottles!



Supervised diving is an activity specially designed for divers holding a level 1 (depth of 20 meters) and a level 2 (depth of 40 meters). It offers a safe and rewarding underwater experience, where divers are accompanied by experienced professionals. During these dives, certified instructors guide divers through the wonders of the seabed, ensuring their safety and comfort throughout the excursion. They share their knowledge of underwater flora and fauna, as well as advanced diving techniques. Supervised diving allows divers to explore deeper and more complex dive sites, while benefiting from the expertise and supervision of a qualified professional. It’s a great opportunity for divers to hone their skills and push their limits, while having an unforgettable adventure in the beautiful and captivating waters.

You will benefit from the experience of the instructors, their knowledge of the sites. They will make you discover all the riches of scuba diving in Hyères, Porquerolles and Port-Cros.

Scuba diving is a practice that differs from free diving, as it involves the use of a scuba tank. compressed air as breathing apparatus, as well as a buoyancy compensator system and a diving regulator. This allows divers to breathe freely underwater for extended periods of time and to move more easily through different depths. By using a compressed air cylinder, divers have access to a continuous source of breathable air, giving them greater autonomy and the ability to explore deeper and deeper underwater environments. complex. The buoyancy compensator system allows divers to control their position in the water, allowing them to float, descend or ascend as needed. The scuba regulator regulates the pressure of inhaled air, providing divers with safe and comfortable breathing throughout their dive. Scuba diving offers underwater enthusiasts a fascinating experience and a true sense of freedom, allowing them to explore the depths and discover breathtaking seascapes.

When purchasing a set of 5 or 10 dives upon your arrival, the unit prices indicated apply from the first dive. The prizes are linked to a single person or family and cannot be passed on to a third party. They are valid all season.


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