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in Hyères

Come and try out underwater excursions in Hyères and its surroundings. With family or friends, you will discover the magic of the seabed of the Var. Go on an excursion equipped with your fins, your mask and snorkel for a show out of the ordinary. The club organizes snorkeling masks on request, around the peninsula of Giens.

The webbed hike is another way to discover the riches offered by the seabed. You will feel like a feeling of freedom, all along your webbed hike. Divin’Giens provides the equipment and the suit, and supervises the outing. The instructor will explain everything there is to know about the fauna and flora that you will observe.

Lots of 50 or 100 dives must be paid in advance and can not be passed on to a third party. They are only valid for the current year.

What is Snorkeling?

Snorkeling is the best way to explore the seabed with your fins, mask and snorkel. Let yourself simply float on the surface of the water, and observe the underwater flora and fauna of the Var. For the regulars, you will take your breath, and go deeper to contemplate the fish. You will learn to move, and to do some apnea to dive under the surface of the water.

Snorkelling is particularly popular with divers from the Mediterranean coast. It has many benefits such as buoyancy sensations, a bird’s-eye view of underwater riches, and a unique experience to learn about diving for everyone. As you will have understood, snorkeling, or webbed hiking, requires no certificate or training.

The department of Var has multiple snorkelling spots, also known as snorkeling. The Divin’Giens club located in Hyères, is ideally located so that you are close to all the most beautiful diving spots of the Var:


Right in front of the island of the Redonne. Equipped with your fins, mask and snorkel (PMT), you get away from it all, you will observe the fishes and marine plants, with a true feeling of buoyancy that gives the snorkeling.

Redonne island

It is a small island off the shore of the Giens peninsula. You will find yourself in a natural setting breathtaking. Its turquoise waters, calm and shallow, make this little piece of paradise, one of the spots of diving without bottle among the most appreciated by the divers of Hyères.

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